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Magnifique Agency is a nanny service company for children and the eldely.
We also offer Housekeeping and Cleaning services which could be full time, part time, live in or live out.
Our company is licensed, bonded and insured.

In a recent survey, over 97% of people over the age of 50 said that they would prefer to always remain at home, rather than move into an institutional setting, even though there has been quite a transition in the look and feel of assisted living centers.

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Families are more complicated now than ever. Many women work while they are raising their children, and elect to hire help. The more help they have, the more bonds form between nannies and children, and the line between employer and family member blurs. That is why forethought and planning will help you hire a nanny who is right for you and your family.
Magnifique Agency is that nanny service.

Having a live-in nanny is a wonderful convenient and reliable alternative to conventional daycare. Live-in nannies also care for elderly people and people with special needs. For families where both parents are working, a live-in nanny can take care of all your childcare needs as well as your houselhold chores. Also if you have more than one child needing care a live-in nanny may even be a cheaper option for you.

Examples of when a caregiver could be needed:
Alzheimer, Parkinson, Respite care, Emphysema, Wheelchair Bound, Bedridden, Hospice, Companionship

Examples of what caregivers can assist in:
Getting out of bed, Getting dressed, Walking, Physical therapy, Personal hygiene , Assist with catheter, Diapers, bed bath, Food preparation & Shopping, Assist with oxygen, Assist at night, Administer medication, Assist with bathroom requirements, Attend to bedridden patients, Assist with colostomy bag, Housekeeping,

Magnifique Agency offers services for any situation a caregiver could be of benefit. We provide long term or short term assistance, with live in or come and go personel.

Please call us for a free consultation at 773 804 1266.

24 Hour Live in Assistance Plan Services are provided by a Caregiver professional or by a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Come and Go Assistance Plan (5 hours a day, 4 days a week minimum) Services are provided by a Caregiver professional or by a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Magnifique Agency provides an extensive coverage area that includes parts of Illinois, Chicago and more.



Elizabeth Lasek


Phone:  773.804.1266

Fax:  708.544.5700

322 N.Forest Ave. Hillside Illinois 60162





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