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The Information Bank is a service where you will find Polish companies and institutions from Chicagoland, US, Poland and the rest of the world.

Our directory service can show you thousands of Polish businesses and services. Our mission is to give Poles the ability to easily access places of business where they will feel comfortable talking in their native language and in supporting Polish businesses. Our vision for the future is to expand our information bank to include our service for all nationalities.

We have acquired state of the art search engine technology that is far more specialized for finding businesses and services than both Google and Bing. Also, our specialized search engine technology is perfect at interpreting the Polish language and has the capability to be expanded to include more languages.

Our directory is simple and easy to use. We are the bridge link in business where we create new opportunities and open new markets that you may not have considered (yet) so far.

You have the choice of visiting our website or calling us on the phone 773.777.7775 to access our information bank, meaning that as long as you have a phone or a computer you have thousands of businesses and services at your fingertips.

Our Information Bank has already made great progress in achieving our vision of offering our service to other nations by working with business professionals of other nationalities.

We collect information from contacting businesses and after we verify it all ourselves to produce most accurate trustworthy results in our search engine. All of us also have the possibility to place a free listing in our portal, but some restrictions apply.

Information Bank is the fastest growing localization service in the world and one day we hope to be the biggest.

The Information Bank has advertising tools to build a positive image, the identity of your company. In a situation of extreme competition, brand awareness can be a valuable source of competitive advantage.

The essence of this form of advertising is an interesting and original idea that will attract attention and fall into the minds of potential customers. We offer multimedia products that are a perfect complement to standard advertising forms and have a positive impact on the image of the company.

Currently, the vast majority of people use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
That is why our clients are offered the solution that connects the presence on all screens and platforms. Responsive web design technology makes our service to fit all user devices.
We have created a new quality and trend for the world, and we will serve the best of everything we can, based on your opinions and comments we cordially request, we will represent you well and promote the leaders in your industry with passion and professionalism in every detail.

We wish you Good Luck!

Description of this page is also available in: enEnglish (angielski)